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How to get rid of ants with commercial ant traps

The mistake most people make when attempting to exterminate ants is only spraying the ones they see. This approach usually fails because the ants seen foraging over exposed surfaces is only a small portion of the colony. Typically, there will be thousands of additional ants including one or more egg-laying queens hidden somewhere in a nest. Eliminating queens and other colony members within nests is often the key to effective ant control.Buildings contain many favorable hiding and nesting sites for ants. Preferred sites include: spaces behind walls, cabinets, and appliances; behind window and door frames; and beneath floors and concrete slabs. Most of these areas are hidden, making it difficult to determine their precise location. When the location of the nest cannot be determined or is inaccessible, Do you still think commercial ants traps are a good option? NO!

Ants are a major problem in commercial properties such as schools, churches, factories, warehouses, restaurants, or offices. Moisture ,Carpenter and Pavement Ants also know as little black sugar ants are the three most common ants associated with commercial properties in the Seattle king county areas. Ants can be eliminated with single Extermination services or prevented with ongoing Commercial Pest control service depending on the envirnoment and conditions in and around the building or home.

If you have a Moisture Ant problem, chances are you’ve also got a moisture problem. The only way to really get rid of Mositure Ants is to remove the water source, tear out all the wet wood, then seal everything back up with new material.Moisture Ants eat fungus growing in wet wood. They do not actually eat wood, although they do end up chewing on it.Many people mistake this soil for a sign of termite activity.When moisture ants move indoors, they often nest in wood that is decayed by fungus. They frequently find damaged wood in areas like bath traps. They sometimes nest inside walls where there is a plumbing leak. There have been cases of these ants nesting in damp soil in crawlspaces.

Carpenter Ants are also a problem in Commercial properties.Infesting any areas that have had moisture problems in the past. This could include in window or door frames, behind siding, in your soffits or attic. Carpenter Ants when established they’ll do serious damage to your building and can even compromise your structural integrity. Call the Commercial ant exterminator Today for a Commercial Ant Extermination evaluation.

Pavement Ants  nest outside or inside under concrete slabs and are often found in kitchens, dining rooms, break rooms, bathrooms, or offices. In warehouses they will come out of cracks in the slab or be found along baseboards or on top of office desks or break room counters. Pavement Ants control and removal takes various skill and techniques depending on the environment.

Ants around or inside your building are unsightly, and they pose a potential health hazard. It’s important to identify the situation early and get it under control.Seattle Ant control Pest Management specializes in ant control services for commercial locations such as offices, restaurants, bars, retail stores, malls, Strip malls, campgrounds, condominiums, retail stores, and concession stands.

Recognizing the potential problem of an ant invasion is the best strategy, but you don’t always realize how serious the situation is until it’s too late. Fortunately, it’s never too late to call in our fully trained ant pest exterminators.

Healthcare ecco-friendly Green Carpenter Ant Control Solutions

As you know, the most extreme sanitary measures must be taken when dealing with a healthcare environment. Pest control in healthcare facilities is an arduous and multilevel task, involving everyone from janitors and nurses to highly trained pest control technicians. The slightest occurrence of pests in a healthcare facility can get it shut down immediately by the Health Department, not to mention potential cost in lives to sick and vulnerable individuals; such occurrences should be avoided by all means necessary.

Retail ant Control Solutions

Store owners often cannot identify the extent of a ant problem until it’s too late, and hundreds of dollars worth of damage is done. Particularly in the grocery and convenience store market, ants being nocturnal most of the time, ant infestation can go un notice for a while hence getting expensive for retailers.

Industrial pest Control Solutions

Whichever industry you’re in, your buildings and warehouses probably all share the same basic structure as other trades, and are located in the same environment meaning that you have the same problems as your competitors.industrial sector has fallen prey to ants problems, reducing profits and efficiency while driving up costs.  By conquering your ant control problems efficiently, you can boost credibility and customer satisfaction , protecting this investment you will need ant exterminators professionals saving costs on un foreseen problems.

Restaurant ants Control Solutions

Ant control and removal in the restaurant industry is almost as important as it is in the healthcare sector.It is more important. With all of the concern over health especially now, as health concerns are rising to drastic levels, Sugar ants trailing through the kitchen to a spot of orange juice on the floor, or worse,  tiny little black ants on a piece of cheese in the corner as the health inspector walks by.With so much riding on the efficiency and skill of your ant control exterminator, you need to know how to pick the best ant control management company in your area.

Pest Control Practices in Healthcare Facilities

The best way to avoid ants problem into medical facilities is the same as in residential and commercial settings: sanitation. If ants cannot find any food, they are not likely to stick around but this is not enough for healthcare facilities. The mere presence of an ant , let alone an infestation, can be disastrous. Ants carrying bacteria from outside areas into sterile areas can be life threatening in some situations.

The most important tip in ant removal and prevention is making sure all entrances and exits are completely sealed when not in use so that ants do not have a chance to enter.Once Ants are eliminated Commercial Monthly Preventative Service may be your best option to keep you pest Free.

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