How to get rid pests

Ampm Pest management professionals often have access to more effective pesticides or other management tools not available to consumers. If this is the case for your pest, you may want to consider Ampm professional pest control help, We educate our customers on what we are doing, why we are doing it & what to expect after our treatment, as well as giving any proactive recommendations we can to help eliminate or exclude your most common household pests, sometimes with out the use of any pesticides. Because our quality control standards are high, Our Customer Satisfaction Rating is among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver prompt, professional & safe service for you, your family’s, pets & environment. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy with our service & results from start to finish. Our most popular services & pricing. Apartment / Multi Unit Residences & Commercial Properties can be priced  accurately with more information gathered.

Inspect walls, windows, storage eaves and the roof interior with a flashlight to find cracks, holes and other openings and to identify existing insect or animal pests. Animals may not be apparent, but the presence of deceased pests, sawdust, droppings, spiderwebs, wasp nests, chew marks on weather insulation, plastic bags, wood, cloth or wires are telltale signs of animal visitations or current residents.

Block entrances in walls, foundations, roofs and around windows and doors with silicone caulk. Use masonry sealer for larger openings in concrete, stone or brick areas. Block holes in window screens with a screen repair kit available at home supply stores.