Garage Rearranging after a pest infestation normally Rodent damage

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Remove food attractions by cleaning cooking grills regularly and using covered trash containers. If possible, keep food waste out of the garage until trash pickup day.

Remove all items from the garage, sweep the floors and use a portable fan to dry any areas with obvious moisture, if necessary. Moisture can attract certain insect species, and wood, pipes, furniture, clothing, boxes and other objects can offer shelter for small animals and insects.

Block entrances in walls, foundations, roofs and around windows and doors with silicone caulk. Use masonry sealer for larger openings in concrete, stone or brick areas. Block holes in window screens with a screen repair kit available at home supply stores.
Replace items in the garage you have removed and discard those that are unnecessary, to keep clutter to a minimum. Avoid blocking access to traps for periodic inspection and replacement.