Identifying And Preventing Roaches And Cockroaches In Seattle

  • Cockroaches at a popular household pest that infests bathrooms and kitchens
  • Cockroaches stay in heated structures where harborage, food and water are present
  • Mature roaches are roughly ½ an inch to 5/8 inches long and have a tan or brownish color.
  • Their thorax’s first segment has two parallel dark bars
  • Mature males tend to be narrower compared to mature males female
  • A cockroach nymph is about 1/8 inches long when it hatches
  • Nymphs have a uniform dark shade with the exception of a light tan section at the back of the third and second segments
  • Roaches contaminate human food and spread disease

Types of Roaches and Cockroaches found in Seattle

a.German Cockroaches

  • These are the most common roach species in Pacific Northwest Region
  • They have a brown color and are generally ½ an inch when mature
  • Adult German roaches have two stripes at the back of their head that are dark brown in color
  • Mature roaches have wings though they don’t fly frequently
  • Their lifespan is about one year and reproduce faster than other cockroach species
  • Their ability to carry 40 plus eggs in a case called oothecae till they hatch makes them fast breeders and difficult to control

b.American Cockroaches

  • These are the biggest roach species found in the Pacific Northwest Region with mature roaches attaining one and a half inch length
  • Their color ranges from brown to red with a distinct light brown band on the head
  • American roaches regularly fly and their life span is about 15 months
  • Eggs cases are deposited in sheltered places or close to the ground near food sources

c.Brown-Banded Roaches

  • These are ½ an inch long; their color ranges from a deep brown to a deep red
  • Both the male and female roaches have wings but only male roaches can fly
  • This roach species has a light brown band running across their wings at the base
  • Their nymphs develop over a period of six months
  • This species tends to infest bathroom and kitchen areas though they can be found anywhere within the house making them hard to control

d.Oriental Cockroaches

  • This is the cockroach species with the darkest color across the Pacific Northwest region. Oriental roaches have a glossy black or dark brown appearance
  • The length of a mature roach is more than an inch and they have large wings though they do not fly
  • Their nymphs take up to one year to develop hence they are slow breeders
  • These roaches tend to nest both indoors and outdoors with preference to humid, moist places

Why Roaches and Cockroaches are Detrimental

  • Roaches are a nuisance in homes and restaurants and pose a health risk
  • They contaminate food with their waste and bodies and also leave an uncomfortable stench in places of infestation
  • Searching for them can be difficult and requires depositing bacteria or germs on infested areas.
  • This can lead to asthma attacks on people who are allergic to cockroach and roach reactions

Ways of Controlling or Preventing Roaches and Cockroaches

  • Maintain cleanliness and good sanitation in kitchens and bathrooms as roaches tend to gravitate towards places with lots of water, shelter and food.
  • Seal tiny gaps beneath windows and doors
  • Seek help from pest control experts when roach and cockroach infestations are out of control.