Attic crawlspace Restoration

Attic & Crawlspace Cleaning

Ampm Attic / crawl space cleaning experts follows the detailed report of rodent inspection to restore any areas that have been damaged by rodents.Every area will be restored to its original condition and in many cases better than its original condition. Damaged insulation will be removed in the infested areas along with damaged vapor barrier, old foundation forms, garbage, and rodent waste. New materials will replace all damaged materials.After the removal, our restoration team will sanitize the infested areas. The areas are then deodorized to minimize odor, making your home less attractive to other rodents. This reduces, but does not eliminate, the risk of re-entry.

Damaged Insulation Removal

When rodents & wildlife infest a crawlspace, they nest in the insulation that is tucked between the floor joists under the floor. As a result of this the crawlspace insulation becomes damaged from their droppings, urine, and tunneling. The soiled insulation becomes compressed and shredded losing its ability to hold heat. Damaged insulation also falls to the ground leaving your floor exposed to cold air.

Attic & Crawl space Clean up

In addition to ruining the insulation in your crawlspace and attic, Rats and mice leave disease pathogens in these areas. This is why it is imperative to first remove the infected insulation and debris and secondly sanitize and disinfect the area. The airborne dust from dried droppings can be a factor in many respiratory diseases, including hantavirus. Using the proper protective gear, we will remove all contaminated insulation, debris, and vapor barrier. All rodent droppings will be swept off of pier pads and the entire crawlspace or attic will be sanitized with a disinfectant. After all contaminated materials are removed & everything has been sanitized, disinfected, and deodorized the crawlspace and attic is ready for new insulation.

New Insulation

No need to look any further for a qualified, licensed and bonded Insulation company in Seattle. Attic / Crawlspace Insulation, a division of Ampm Exterminators, was created 30 years ago in response to the growing need for insulation replacement. Our insulation team willl install new insulation and vapor barrier meeting all specifications of Washinton States building code.